An image of a hand holding an Atlas card, with its mirror-like finish uniquely reflecting your world.
Access coveted dining, hotels, And events.
With Atlas, you can finally get tables at the hardest-to-book restaurants, find the perfect suite at the world’s best hotels, sit front row at sold-out concerts and sporting events—and much more. All seamlessly brought to you inside a card and app that’s as intuitive, as it is powerful.
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Impossible reservations made easy.
Atlas Dining
You want to eat at great restaurants. So does everyone else. The difference is—you’ve got Atlas. Discover the hottest restaurants around town with Atlas Dining, and reserve your tables during peak hours.
An image of the wooden sushi bar with minimalist design ready to serve guests at the restaurant ITO in New York City.
Dedicated Atlas Reservations
Book a table at the very best restaurants in NYC, LA, SF, Miami, and worldwide—directly inside Atlas app or by texting your Atlas concierge.¹
Up-And-Coming Recommendations
Atlas is always on top of the hottest dining spots in your city—so you can get early access to up-and-coming new restaurants that are still under the radar.
Reserve Primetime Tables
Get reservations at a time that is ideal for you, instead of times that are too early or too late in the day, because that’s all that was available.²
The fastest way to your paradise.
Atlas Hotels
Experience the best way to book stays at the world’s finest hotels. Browse a curated selection in app, find your paradise, then book with points or preferred rates, for better deals than anywhere else.
An image of a large pool of calm water situated inside a courtyard with exquisite Moorish architecture at The Oberoi hotel in Marrakech, Morocco.
Curated Luxury Hotels
Choose from a unique collection of the most decorated hotels in the world, with selections located in the top luxury travel destinations globally.
Book With Points
Use points you’ve earned with Atlas to book stays at incredible redemption rates, and get 3x points for every dollar spent on hotel bookings inside the app.³
Find a Room in Seconds
Booking with Atlas is a breeze—discover the destination, hotel, and room that’s just right for you inside Atlas app, and book your stay in (literal) seconds.
Experience the action up close.
Atlas Experiences
Get unique access to exclusive experiences, from backstage passes at sold-out concerts, to front-row seats at the biggest sporting events, all through one text to your Atlas concierge.
An image of large crowds watching on-stage performances at Coachella festival, while the sun sets over Indio, California.
Just One Text Away
From securing event passes, to ensuring you have the best seats in the house, your Atlas concierge is just a text away to take care of it all for you.⁴
Your Favorite Sporting Events
Courtside at the US Open Tennis Championships, or the Paddock Club at a Formula 1 Grand Prix, name your event and Atlas can get you in.⁵
Tickets to Sold-Out Concerts
From Coachella to sold-out concerts, get yourself into events that aren’t accessible to everyone—Atlas is there for you, so you can witness magic.⁶
Benefits to keep you moving.
Atlas Benefits
Hassle-free travel, health and well-being, plus a whole range of other unique benefits, made for a faster and smoother life on the go—all part of Atlas membership.
An image of a Blade helicopter flying past Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge during its usual route from JFK Airport to the Blade Heliport in Manhattan, New York City.
Atlas FlexPass
Plans can change last-minute—that’s why we created FlexPass—so you can change or cancel any flight booked with your Atlas card, and get reimbursed for any fees you incur up to $600 a year.⁷
BLADE Private Jets
Get 5x points, and 7.5% off, plus priority availability and waived card processing fees when you use Atlas to book a private jet charter with BLADE.⁸
BLADE Helicopter Rides
Get 5x points, and 7.5% off, plus meet & greet for airport transfers. Spend more than $20,000 per month with Atlas, and you’ll also receive a BLADE Airport Pass, which gets you $100 off every airport flight, a companion pass, and flights starting at $95 with your pass discount.⁹
A card that reflects who you are.
Atlas Card
Twenty-one grams of mirror-finished steel. Heavy in the hand—the thing could damn near cut diamonds. Sleek, but also smart. And genuinely one-of-a-kind.
A close-up, detailed image showcasing the polished surface and the deeply engraved text carved in to an Atlas card.
No Pre-set Spending Limits
The way you spend is unique to you—Atlas card has no pre-set limits and is designed to smartly adapt to your personal spending preferences.¹⁰
Premium Purchase Protection
Life can be full of surprises—that’s why Atlas card covers your purchases up to $50,000 a year toward any repairs, replacements, or reimbursements.¹¹
Personalized For You
Customize your Atlas card with a personal icon next to your name—just one of the many thoughtful details that makes your Atlas card uniquely yours.
An app designed to outperform.
Atlas App
Take refuge from a world of clunky, disorganized, booking websites and card apps. Find your next adventure, book in seconds, and manage your spend—all inside one powerful, yet intuitive experience.
Unlimited Virtual Cards
Create as many virtual cards as you (or your assistants, or family) need for travel, business, and more—organizing your spending couldn’t be simpler.¹²
Purchases Made Beautiful
Atlas app makes it easy to find any of your purchases by beautifully rendering purchase details, such as location info and important booking information.
Buttery-Smooth Performance
Atlas app is designed and engineered to outperform the sea of slow, laggy, travel, dining, and card apps out there—finally here’s an app that’s a joy to use.
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Rewards as dynamic as you.
Atlas Rewards
A card that always gets you the maximum possible points without any effort on your part? That’s Atlas dynamic rewards. Redeem points for luxury hotel stays or statement credits at incredible redemption rates.
5x Points on BLADE Flights
Book a helicopter or private jet charter with BLADE using your Atlas card and get 5x points for your trip.¹³
3x Points on Your Top Category Every Month
Whether you spend the most on hotels one month, or flights the next, you automatically get 3x points for that category every month. It’s that simple.¹⁴
3x Points on Atlas Hotels
Atlas Hotels is the best way to book your next luxury hotel stay—made even better with 3x points for every dollar spent on hotel bookings inside the app.¹⁵
1x Points on Everything Else
You’re always rewarded with Atlas—every purchase you make earns at least a minimum of 1x points, and the bonus points just keep adding up from there.¹⁶
Begin your adventure with Atlas.
Atlas Membership
Take your next step towards a world of access—with tables at the hottest restaurants, stays at decorated hotels, and exclusive entry to sold-out events—made easy with exceptional concierge service and an extraordinary product experience.
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