No Limits
This is your friend who scores the hottest tables in town, your passport to weekend getaways, and your guest pass to must-see events. All brilliantly brought together in a card and app of uncompromising beauty and utility. This is the beginning of a journey to a world with no limits.
This is Atlas.
Meet Atlas Supper Club.
Skip past the endless waitlists and concierge calls that turn up empty handed. With Atlas, you have a seat at the table at today's most desirable restaurants.
Supper Club interface in the Atlas app
Supper club reservations, inside Atlas App.
Access exclusive inventory at our restaurant partners including – Horses, Felix Trattoria, Cucina Alba, and more.
With bookings available at short notice, you won't find yourself on a waitlist.
Access during
peak hours
Members get seated at prime time, when availability is typically the hardest to get.
Horses Restaurant Table
Horses, LA, on atlas supper club.
Felix Trattoria dining room view
Felix Trattoria, LA,
On Atlas Supper Club.
Cucina Alba restaurant view
Cucina Alba, NYC,
On Atlas Supper Club.
Built for (spontaneous) travel.
No matter where your next grand tour takes you, Atlas is there as your co-pilot, with bespoke flight benefits for when you're ready to go on the spur of the moment.
Travel benefits for Atlas Card
Bespoke flight benefits, inside Atlas app.
5x points with
Exclusive reward for Atlas cardholders on all BLADE helicopter rides and flights.
Fast forward through airport security with included CLEAR Plus annual membership.
Cancel flights
without fees⁵
Change or cancel any flight, at any time, for any reason and get fees reimbursed up to $600 a year.
Visa Infinite Benefits⁶
Priority Pass, Luxury Hotel Collection,
no foreign transaction fees, and more.
The world in your hand, with atlas card.
Designed to shatter the norm.
Atlas is crafted to mirror our uncommon obsession with every single detail, always in pursuit of elevating you above the crowd, while also enhancing your privacy.
Front of the Atlas Card
Back of the Atlas Card
Designed and engineered, front to back.
Made from 21 grams of high density steel, CNC-milled and engraved, then polished to a brilliant mirror finish that is unlike any card.
With no visible card number on its surface, Atlas keeps your privacy where it belongs, in your own hands.⁷
for you
Designed front to back, Atlas card features tone-on-tone graphics and a personal icon of your choice by your name.
A dynamic duo of card + app.
Each conceived from the same first principles, Atlas shines with a true native app that raises the bar, from magical rewards to unlimited cards, and everything in between.
The beautiful Atlas Card app
Far above the typical app experience.
Get automatically upgraded to 3x points where you spend the most, plus 1x points on every purchase. Because there's more to a rewarding life than chasing points.
virtual cards⁹
Create a unique card for your next trip, or one to share with your assistant, or to go online shopping, or ... you get the idea.
Buttery-smooth performance, support for features like Dark Mode, and endless details make an app that's a pleasure to use, day in, night out.
At your beck and call (or text).
Experience handcrafted support, with your own dedicated personal advisor who is on hand to fulfill any request, from last-minute dinner plans to deep dive sessions.
Support interface in the Atlas app
Your personal advisor, now in iMessage.
Going to exceptional lengths to know your preferences and tastes, your advisor is here to provide truly personal support.
1 on 1
For those times when it takes more than a text or a phone call, your personal advisor is just a quick booking away for a video call.
From last-minute table reservations, to sold out events, your personal advisor is on hand to help you have a lifetime experience.
Atlas card fitting in a wallet
your companion through every adventure.
Your next journey begins here.
With all the essentials you need out in the world, and nothing to limit your possibilities, here is everything Atlas has to offer.
Exclusive reservations with Atlas Supper Club

Dedicated tables at partner restaurants

Last-minute bookings

Peak hours access
5x points with BLADE on helicopter rides and flights

CLEAR Plus membership

Cancel flights
without fees
Rewards & Benefits
3x upgrade on top spending category

1x points on every purchase

One Medical membership¹¹

Erewhon Cafe membership¹²

FUTURE fitness training membership¹³
Personal Advisor
Advisor dedicated to your account

1 on 1 sessions with available video calls

Personalized dining and experiences concierge
Charge card with no pre-set spending limits¹⁴

21 gram steel alloy, milled, engraved, and polished to a brilliant mirror shine

Tone-on-tone card back, with your personal icon, and no card number

Visa Infinite

Handle with care, clean with a microfiber cloth
True native iOS app with buttery-smooth performance

Dark Mode support

Instant purchase notifications

Unlimited virtual cards

Apple Pay